Firewall Extinguisher



What is a firewall?

A firewall is a device found on some computer systems to limit access to outside users and potentially destructive material. Most often seen on networks and now on Internet connected computers, firewalls can be used for anything from blocking certain ports on the computer, to completely disallowing certain web traffic. The original intent of such devices was to prevent hackers from gaining unwarranted access to a network.

The corporate and educational realms, however, have taken firewalls to the extreme. The administrators of these networks have become web nazis or web police, making sure that only approved content can be viewed on their network. The idea seems reasonable. After all, we wouldn't want our employees using our company's limited bandwidth to download games and porn at ridiculously high speeds, but unfortunately, not only are games and porn being blocked by firewalls, but so are informational and educational websites. I have personally used computers from behind firewalls that don't even allow access to eBay! Do you Yahoo? Not on some networks you don't. And then, websites are also filtered by not only content, but by the words printed on their pages. Sites containing words such as "damn" have been blocked by some overbearing network administrators. Block every website containing the word "ass?" Sure, now try accessing sites containing words such as "assess" or "compass" or "harass." And unfortunately, especially in the world of education, quality sites are being blocked by the Ponch and John's of network administration.

Yes, even the goat has come under attack by certain administrators. Heaven forbid school children use the goat to check their local weather, stocks, or entertainment news. For exactly that reason, we have created the Firewall Extinguisher. We are trying to relay a message to the Internet community that censorship of this kind is just plain wrong.


How does the Firewall Extinguisher work and what does it do?

The Firewall Extinguisher attempts to put an end to the ridiculous blocking of websites that exists on certain network systems. It is our goal to override or bypass their firewalls to regain control of your Internet browsing. Our Firewall Extinguisher is very simple. Assuming that the domain has not been blocked by your system administrator (it usually is not blocked), simply open in your favorite web browser. Keeping the top window open (the one with the Firewall Extinguisher logo in the left corner) simply use our search to find your desired website. You'll notice that the Firewall Extinguisher remains open at the top of your screen, meaning that you are being protected by the goat. While you open website after website using our search engine, it appears to your network administrator that you have never left's main page. That's matter how many web pages you open using our search, it appears as though you never left the goat's main page. This approach has been tried and tested on home networks, corporate networks, school and university networks, as well as military networks, and has worked with amazing results.



You, the end user, agree that by using the Firewall Extinguisher provided by, you are doing so at your own risk. Thus and/or its representatives cannot be held responsible or liable for the Firewall Extinguisher's usage. We do not advise that end users use our Firewall Extinguisher to download or view illegal content, or content that is not normally allowed by their Network Administrator. The Firewall Extinguisher is for educational purposes only and should not be used for any wrongdoing.