Who is the goat? People seem to e-mail the goat all the time asking such questions. We thought we'd list the most common:


What are you?
I am a small, pygmy goat created by the masterminds at WSWD.net to be used as their super web portal. I offer everything the big companies offer but without the hassle and cost.

What services do you offer?
I offer e-mail, news, stocks, chat, weather, search, and more!! I offer you so many services, all in one place, for free!!

How can you offer such services for free?
My creaters have always wanted to keep me free for everyone. When I first appeared on the Internet, I was completely free, with no ads. But like the bigger companies, I too have many costs and overhead. Reluctantly, I now put banner ads on my pages, to keep me free. You can help keep me free by clicking on our sponsors' ads and supporting their products. They in turn support me and keep me free. Free the goat!

You claim your e-mail is the best on the Internet. How can that be Mr. Goat?
Well, first of all, I offer a lot of server space for your incoming e-mails and an ample attachment size for outgoing mails. As well, my e-mail is one of the few left on the Internet offering free POP access. That means that besides my cool webmail interface, you can use your favorite mail client (such as Outlook, Eudora, NetscapeMail, etc) to access your e-mail. My POP access is equivalent to that offered by your ISP! Such access has become non-existent with most free e-mail providers...not here...not on my website!

You're pretty cute for a goat. Are you available?
The goat is single and looking.